Content Marketing Manager


Job Description:

As the Content Manager, you will be responsible for writing and editing content that we will publish on blog and 3rd party sites. A company expects to publish 2-3 pieces of original content each week in an effort to achieve goals across brand positioning and traffic. The products are designed for audiences including Millennials that are in their early-20s through 30s as well as their parents, and as such, a company seeks to create content that is original (not just a keyword-stuff SEO play), authentic, and informative. By creating this content both on the blog as well as finding impactful sites that we can publish on, you will help raise the awareness of the company that leads to increased site traffic and, ultimately, leads.


Job Responsibilities:

  • Drive and execute editorial content strategy for 3 products (2 consumer products and 1 B2B product), balancing creating engaging content while incorporating best practices around SEO
  • Ensure all content is on-brand, consistent in terms of style, quality and tone of voice, and optimized for search and user experience for all channels of content including online, social media, and print.
  • Create white papers and research that demonstrates thought leadership, which can, in turn, help borrowers and attract press.
  • Identify 3rd party, impactful publications to amplify our message through and create content for.

Job Requirements:

  • Minimum 4+ years of experience writing professionally.
  • Bachelor’s degree and an objectively strong academic record.
  • Previous experience in startups, experience writing about personal finance, and experience with audience development strategies are a plus.
  • Experience – you’re an experienced writer/editor and you must have a passion for personal finance. There is a huge opportunity for an authentic, intelligent, and clear voice to emerge in the millennial personal finance content arena.
  • Nimble – you will be equally adept at explaining student loan content as you are profiling a customer’s startup or creating a white paper on how to refinance student loans.
  • Analytical – you enjoy looking at the backend metrics to measure the traction your content is getting and the downstream impact it has on customer acquisition. Numbers won’t be your entire day, but you’re someone that wants that type of feedback loop.
  • Roll-up-your-sleeves mentality.
  • Desire to be a marketer – This means developing ideas for content to be at the forefront of marketing campaigns and developing SEO strategies for that content.
  • Desire to be an editor – In addition to writing yourself, you’ll be editing content from customers, team members and freelance writers; you need to help them shape their stories and be an arbiter of best practices in grammar, messaging, writing, and style.
  • Expert multi-tasking – you’ll manage blog content, 3rd party content, white-papers, and special projects…and things will move quickly. You will remain undaunted, organized, and juggle these tasks without letting the ball drop. You will know how to ruthlessly prioritize your time.
  • Professional but not stuffy.
  • Team player – you want to be relied upon and you understand how others make your goals achievable.
  • Sense of urgency – you want to “go, move, make things happen, and shake things up!”

New York City

  • Copy Writer
  • Online Lead Gen