Engineering Technology Lead

Information Technology

Job Description:

An Engineering Team Lead plays a central role in defining and driving the products and technology that powers success here.  You will lead a talented team of engineers both as individuals and as a critical part of our business. You’ll work closely with Product to build applications that deliver significant value to internal stakeholders and our customers: anyone who needs or has a student loan.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Lead an Agile team of 3-6 developers, QA engineers, UX designer and product manager who form a product development team.
  • Keep your coding skills sharp.  50% of your time will be design, coding, testing and running the systems.
  • Work with product management and stakeholders to define a product backlog.
  • Work with your team do develop a committed sprint backlog.
  • Lead and conduct Scrum ceremonies – planning, grooming, reviews and retrospectives.
  • Manage the performance of your team members, coaching and mentoring them to further their careers.
  • Contribute to the technical and process innovation of the Engineering department.
  • Collaborate with other development teams and cross functional groups.
  • Recruit highly talented engineers, conducting phone screens and on site interviews
  • Works through ambiguity and facilitates cross-team decision-making to impact company goals.
  • Demonstrated ability to deal with ambiguity and make decisions with the best available data.
  • Demonstrated a track record over long period of time of making sound business decisions that yielded best possible outcomes.
  • Supports production outage investigations in parts of the system owned by their team
  • Demonstrates good understanding of competitive landscape and how rest of industry approaches their job function.
  • Designs sets of interacting services
  • Contributes to effective code reviews on more than just the technical correctness of the code (quality, eng best practices, etc.)
  • Good sense of product/technology/data trade-offs
  • Makes hiring decisions for individual teams
  • Demonstrates high accountability for personal delivery of their own projects but also demonstrates an ability to work with others (that may or may not be on their team) to deliver meaningful results on-time.
  • Has strong relationships with other managers and is well respected by other engineers
  • Coaches and mentors team members to accentuate their strengths
  • Able to manage conflict, redirecting divisiveness to constructive conflict

Additional Comments:

  • Strong interpersonal & leadership skills.
  • Keen listening skills & ability to motivate others.
  • 5+ years of experience, with 1+ years of leadership experience and 1+ Agile scrum master experience.
  • Excellent coding, design and architecture skills. Software that is reliable, testable and maintainable should be what you do by default.
  • Experience with highly scalable micro service development and/or event sourced architectures in a CI/CD environment is a plus.
  • You enjoy writing software and take pride in what you build.
  • Having programmed in Java will help you get going faster, but your primary languages aren’t as important as being a great programmer.
  • SQL proficiency, particularly with PostgreSQL is a plus.
  • BA/BS or above from a Computer Science program preferred.

New York City

  • Java Developer
  • Software Engineer