Research Analyst


Job Description:

The analyst role is a springboard for a relatively inexperienced, though bright and motivated, new team member to gain exposure to a variety of projects and clients. With a continued career and skill growth trajectory in mind, analyst duties will vary depending on the projects available.

His or her initial role is the supporting analyst, assisting a senior analyst or manager in the implementation and analysis components. As analysts gain more experience (content, project process, and client management), they will have the opportunity to contribute more to the thinking components for each project. This includes conducting higher level analysis work, creating reports and presentations, and functioning in support on client engagements.

Job Responsibilities:

Content Development of Market Data Research:

  1.     Within 1 month post-training:

    Compile and check medical policies/guidelines from primary and secondary sources for at least 1 therapeutic area

  2.     With guidance and input of manager:
    Develop drug and/or client-specific metrics for new client/therapeutic area when necessary

Analytical Assessment of Client Deliverables:

1.   Within 1 month post-training:

Interpret and analyze data, and populate the database with analysis

Maintain and manage database with a strong attention to detail as to ensure accuracy and completeness of the stored data, with a satisfactory 8-10% plan error rate and 4% health plan management & step therapy column error rate

  1.   Within 6+ months post-training:

    Achieve an overall goal of less than 5% plan error rate, and a health plan management and step therapy error rate of ≤ 2%

• Project
1. Creation of client report consisting of at least 1(+) drug, dependent on Management on Clients, Market Trends, and related issues rotating therapeutic area reporting schedule (varies by month)

  1.   Creation of monthly data deliverable in excel format (1 per client each month)
  2.   Manage specific adhoc projects or client accounts within a mutually agreed upon timeframe, depending on workload capacity (~2 weeks)
  3.   Utilization of Advisor Panel through senior analyst when data not found
  • Interpersonal Skills
    1. Internal Interaction:

      Provide and receive feedback at any given time
      Coordinate collaboration with other product line teams within the quarter for use of data in monthly deliverables (if possible)

    2. Training presentation creation
  • With guidance and input from the senior analyst or manager, frame the key research findings for each therapeutic area or project and present therapeutic area training to team.
    1. Client Interaction:
      Serve as resource on client calls to review project reports, referencing and checking research questions and data (ongoing)

      Present and discuss preliminary findings with primary client contact(s). May present portions of the research (final report) to the full team

    2. Technical Skills

      Build monthly custom research reports in PowerPoint format using the ZHI template and standard slide layouts; other formats (Excel, etc.) as needed

      • Highlight key trends in data (ongoing)
      • Summarize information and present findings internally as requested
      • QC of data for a therapeutic area other than your own (as per buddy system)
      • In addition to completing basic analyses for the research, begin to piece together the story underlying the collected data.
        1. Consider analysis frameworks and potential benefits/consequences of each portion for the client
        2. Add a level of strategic analysis and insight to the report.
        3. Design and articulate your thoughts clearly

Additional Comments:

  • Other Roles (20%)
  • Sales support: Limited contributions to sales teasers or spotlights based on therapeutic areas (on an adhoc basis). Analysts may have the opportunity to participate in sales calls with sales account managers
  • Other project related duties as required by his/her supervisor

Livingston, NJ

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